Abigail de Redvers is the great-granddaughter of Ambrose de Ripariis and a core member of the spirit family.

Abigail first comes into David and Lia's life when she appears to be stalking them on their honeymoon. In reality, Abigail had found David and Lia's names and the date and place of their wedding and honeymoon locations written by her great-grandfather in 1899.

She is Nepali and English. Her parents divorced amicably when she was small, and her mother moved back to London from Kathmandu. Abigail works in her mother's Nepali restaurant, Dhoka.

Abigail is deeply spiritual and intelligent, and has a great sense of humor. She has suffered from ADHD and OCD since early childhood, but tries to manage it through holistic medicine and meditation.

She is in a destructive relationship in much of Book Two, "Inner Magnets". Abigail develops a close friendship with Tom Pierson that eventually turns romantic.

Abigail is biologically and spiritually related to Ambrose. She is the reincarnation of his beloved daughter, Béa, and becomes inseparable with Dane, who was her brother Gabriel when she was Béa.

In Volume Three, Living Timekeepers, Abigail, along with Tom, studies psychology, and eventually parapsychology.

In her career, Abigail wants to follow in the footsteps of her great-grandfather, Ambrose.