Alice Grayson is the reincarnation of Cecilia Ley's mother, Anne. She is the owner of Afterlife Antiques. When David asks Philip Sykes for help in unraveling the mystery of Beak's End, Philip sends him to Alice Grayson, the unofficial town historian.

Alice is a middle-aged, enigmatic beauty who knows immediately that David is Daniel. From the moment he meets her, David feels a powerful connection. Although Alice is somewhat aloof by nature, she opens up to David and gives him enormous help.

Alice is cultivated, unpretentious, catches things on the fly, and deeply spiritual. She is also guarded, sensitive, kind, and prefers to be alone. She has stayed away from marriage and family life for reasons she keeps to herself.

Alice has had a twenty-year relationship with a gifted painter she greatly loves, Dominic Ursini, but she cannot give him the commitment he wants. Alice admits that she is wary of marriage and its entrapments.

Alice and David become dear friends. She gives him uncannily good advice regarding Nathaniel Ley, but stops short of saying that she has personal karma with the situation. It is unclear whether Alice is unaware of her past life, or is simply not stating her role.

She is a pivotal figure in helping David to bring Nathaniel back to the path of light. Throughout book one, readers can feel Alice's love and longing for Cecilia Ley.

By the end of "Serch Bythol", Alice has become stronger, though she does not yet state that she was once Anne Ley.


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