Angharat is the first mother to all members of the soul family. Her magpie companion is Beak. She manifests rarely to her children and does so when it is of the utmost spiritual importance.

Angharat, like Lamagir, was one of the Tuatha de Danann. When her twin flame, Lamagir, became bitter and corrupted after ferocious battles with their enemies, he allied himself with Reptilian forces and wanted Angharat to follow suit. When she wouldn't stray from the path of light, they parted, but she never loved another and believes that one day they will be reconciled..

Their original children were many, the first born being the twin sons that later become Vericus and Fáelán, among many other incarnations.

Everything Angharat does is with the belief that the original soul family back in Ancient Ireland can be reunited.

Her nemesis is the wicked Beletum, who became Lamagir's companion, and has taken him deeper down the path of darkness.

Angharat is the only being who can neutralize Lamagir.

It is revealed at the end of Book Two, that Angharat and Oelom, a Draconian Reptilian who abandoned the dark side, are allies.

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