Athena Bailey is Lia's white Wiccan mother and the reincarnation of Cecilia's cousin and best friend, Rose Gibbons. Athena is the owner of Lower Manhattan's leading occult and witchcraft shop, Abraxas. She is a high level witch and healer.

Athena is buoyant, strong, and a multi-dimensional person. She was married to a man she cared deeply for when she met her future wife, Kirsten Carruthers. Kirsten is the reincarnation of Clara Harkins, Athena's love as Rose, and Athena divorced her husband to be with Kirsten. Three years later, they married. Through sperm donation, Athena became pregnant and Lia was born in February 1995.

Athena is a core member of the spirit family. Among her companions through time are Kirsten, Lia, David, Ambrose and Nathaniel.

She does not want to be labeled, and like her daughter, she calls herself a humanist.

Athena dislikes the direction the New Age movement has gone, and separates herself from it.


Kirsten Carruthers: Twin Flame

Lia Bailey: Soulmate

David Pierson: Soulmate

Nathaniel Ley: Soulmate

Ambrose de Ripariis: Soulmate

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