Beletum is a Draconian Reptilian who drove a wedge between Lamagir and Angharat after their horrific battles with the Fomorians in Ancient Ireland. She is heartless except when it comes to Lamagir whom she believes was always destined to be her mate.

Beletum abandoned her previous mate, a being of peace, deeming him weak and disdaining him for being defeated. Her mate disappears for millennia but resurfaces as anything but the so-called weak, pathetic being that she discarded.

Beletum seduced Lamagir at a time when he believed the path of light had forsaken him. The monstrous Fomorians had killed most of his clan and their great race was forced underground. Beletum had what she wanted but continually had to work to keep Lamagir on her path.

Angharat is her sworn enemy. She has unfathomable power at her disposal but cannot defeat Angharat, nor can she completely fill the void Angharat left in Lamagir's being.