Cassia Gemellus was an ancient incarnation of Theresa and Susan. This lifetime was the source of her later incarnations' partial paralysis.

Cassia was born into one of the most powerful families in Roman Britain, but she was not happy. She was in love with Celyddon, but her father forced her into marrying someone she didn't love, the arrogant and cold Domitius Ramagi.

She has a deep spiritual connection to her brother, Vericus, even though they had rarely seen each other since his tenth year.

Cassia's encounters with Lamagir's henchman, Anfri, and his sidekick, Haerviu, were hellish. Her brother Lucius had preceded Vericus in leaving Tammabukku, and with Vericus' defection, the energy around all of them only grew worse.

Lamagir appeared to Cassia with a personal message which caused her third eye to slam shut.

Cassia was a melancholy wife and mother, but a source of strength for her family as time went on.