Cressida Holdsworth is the modern day incarnation of Nathara, the ancient nemesis of Talaith. There was no lengths to which Nathara would not go to get Vericus, and the melodrama continues when they are reborn as David, Lia and Cressida.

Like David, Cressida is among the biggest recording stars in the world and can have almost any man she desires, but she wants only David.

Although Cressida is in possession of a killer voice and enormous sex appeal, her rise to the top of the music industry was aided by unseen forces whom she has been beholden to since ancient times.

Cressida's ego is huge, yet when it comes to David there is no lengths she will not go. When he continues to vehemently reject her, she attempts to destroy his career.

Cressida's archenemy is Lia, but she has others, including Ambrose and Madison Keener, who as Roxana, was another ancient rival for Vericus.

By the end of the third and fourth volumes, Cressida undergoes many changes.