Dane Bouchard is the partner of Sphinx Insley and a member of the spirit family.

Dane met Sphinx when he came to New York to pursue a career as a Broadway dancer. He is a southern boy from an ultra conservative tea party family. Because Dane is intrinsically a family man, he tries to reconcile his own liberal lifestyle and beliefs with his roots. He maintains a tense relationship with his parents which crumbles upon their hearing him say that he is gay and in love with Sphinx. He has a sister in Louisiana who was disowned by their parents for marrying a black man.

Dane's studies choreography in Book Three and moves to England with Sphinx.

Dane is intense. At first he had a hard time in New York, but after meeting Sphinx he became stronger. He learns to stay true to his old soul and succeed in the cold modern world.

Dane was incarnated four times throughout the millennia in the quartet. In the lifetime before he was Dane Bouchard, he was Ambrose de Ripariis' son, Gabriel de Redvers.


Sphinx Insley: Boyfriend and eventual husband

Cristina Bouchard Rivière: Sister

Fynn Rivière: Nephew

David Pierson: Close friend

Lia Bailey: Close friend

Joanna Grayson: Close friend

Abigail de Redvers: Close friend

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