Deborah Brenner is Author One of THE TAMMABUKKU CHRONICLES.

Deborah grew up between New York and Los Angeles, but has lived in Hawaii, Vermont, British Columbia, Florida, North Carolina, and New Jersey. She has worked as an editor, writer, teacher, researcher for environmental issues, and a fashion model. In junior high school she found her expression in writing both fiction and non-fiction. A lover of the mystical and esoteric, she has always been a seeker of magic and truth. Early on she learned that what we call magic is everywhere for those who know how to look. Among her favorite things is hanging out with her two daughters and tuxedo cat, Sophie. Deborah is the author of the upcoming novel, EXPECTING TO FLY.

Deborah is an empath and an acutely sensitive person, but also very strong, and not a pushover.


Expecting to Fly
The Tammabukku Chronicles (Deborah Kaya)
Untitled Autobiography
Untitled Tuatha de Danann Novel
Untitled Second Autobiography (Deborah Kaya)
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