Delyth is an ancient incarnation of Sophia Caswell Ley, the spirit twin of Talaith, and Fáelán's twin flame.

Delyth was sensitive and caring, but she was also very fiery and outspoken. While this often worked in her favor, it could also get her into trouble. She often pushed those she loved too hard.

Delyth had an air of otherworldliness about her, combined with abundant earthy sensuality. She was defiant and unflappable when she thought she was right. She and Talaith called themselves Druid priestesses at a time when Rome forbid the practice of the old religion. She was a powerful witch and a force of light. She had visions of an ancient Irish race and believed she and those she loved descended from that race.

She was Fáelán's love since childhood. They planned to be married but she left him when he was untrue to her. Delyth was devastated though, having adored him.

Although she married an older Irish trader and left Yorkshire, she returns to the story later in Volume Four.

She was the first to embrace Lamagir and the first to spurn him when his dark side emerged.

Delyth grasped multidimensional existence, astral projection, moving through time, and that thought determines our reality early on.

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