Eleanor Niles is the grandmother of David and Tom Pierson, and the mother of Theresa Niles. When "Serch Bythol" begins, her husband Derek Niles, had passed away a few years before and she still grieves.

Eleanor was a hippie goddess in the 1960s, but gave up her East Village lifestyle when she met Derek Niles, who was in New York to visit friends. A few months later, she moved to Toronto to be with Derek. She is highly spiritual, straight to the point, compassionate, and a nature lover through and through, who is athletic and in excellent shape. Eleanor is a Wiccan and is adept in holistic medicine.

David calls Eleanor his "living guardian angel" as she fought all the doctors and Gerald to have him taken off the medications he never should have been on in the first place. Together with his grandfather and godparents, Jericho and Orenda, they believe all of David's problems to be spiritual.

As the Piersons are going to be moving to England, Eleanor tells David he must rely primarily on himself, but she is always there for him. After learning of Nathaniel Ley and the tormented energy in the house, she advises David to do cleansing ritual.

When she hears nothing from David for a few weeks, she becomes concerned. It is Tom who tells her what has been going on. She is proud of David for how he has handled the situation thus far, but due to the severity of the events, advises him to be extremely vigilant.

After Nathaniel contacts Eleanor in a dream, she comes to England, and stays until the culmination of events. She is horrified to learn that David was left for dead the night before Nathaniel appeared.

Eleanor helps David face what he must to confront his role in the fate of Nathaniel, but ensures that he sees the signs for himself. She nurses Theresa back to health after Theresa goes far into Nathaniel's dimension to rescue him.


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