Fáelán is the ancient Celtic incarnation of Ambrose. Fáelán's origins are mysterious. He was abandoned in the woods and found by a stern childless couple at ten months old, near starvation.

Fáelán was not suited for rural agricultural life. He was a hard worker but not strong and very thin, and also suffered from asthma.

He did not have a warm relationship with his adoptive parents and was an unhappy boy. He was not strong enough to do the work they wanted him to, but pushed himself beyond his limits to please them. They were never satisfied, however, deeming him somewhat daft and a dreamer.

His solace was in his circle of friends, which included Celyddon, Delyth, and Talaith. Although the two become inseparable in later years, Fáelán does not take Vericus' arrival in the group well. No one, not even Fáelán himself, could explain his passionate rejection of Vericus.

Fáelán is one of the first initiates at Tammabukku, along with his bride-to-be, Delyth, Talaith, Celyddon, and soon, Vericus.

He and Vericus are greatly favored by Lamagir, making Anfri, Lamagir's obsequious henchman, insanely jealous. Fáelán and Anfri are sworn archenemies.

When Fáelán's ego skyrockets because of Lamagir's praise, he loses many of his friends. His behavior costs him his engagement to Delyth. At that time, everything crashes for Fáelán and he has a breakdown. He rides off in the middle of the night and is stabbed by two thugs in the woods and left for dead. It was his spirit twin Vericus who saved him. From that time on, the two young men were as one being.

Together with Vericus, Fáelán leads the revolt that brings down Tammabukku. Lamagir and his cronies then become their worst enemies. After having fallen from grace in the eyes of his friends, Fáelán once more was the leader of the group.

Fáelán's strengths were his wide open third-eye, keen mind, gift for languages and writing, and devotion to those he loved. He never failed to speak the truth in the most clear and concise manner. He processed information more quickly than most people which accelerated his evolution. His weaknesses were his ego, proclivity to pontificate, and occasional jealousy.

His main companions through time were Delyth, Vericus, Celyddon and Talaith.

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