Ffion Fearn is a performance artist who first appears in the third chapter of Inner Magnets as David's date at his eighteenth birthday bash. At the time, Ffion was the lead singer of a girl band in the style of Little Mix and Fifth Harmony. Like Camilla Cabello, Ffion left her band because the overt sexualization was in conflict with her intrinsic nature and artistry.

David and Ffion were rumored to be be a couple in the first two years of Oblivion's fame, but they were both carrying torches for other people. They were, however, the best of friends, and remain so.

Ffion was once Cressida Holdsworth's best friend but Cressida became her sworn enemy after Cressida started a relationship with Ffion's ex-lover for whom she was still carrying a torch.

Ffion and Lia become intimate friends, and, throughout the quartet, Ffion remains very close to the Piersons.

In the third volume, Living Timekeepers, it's revealed that Ffion and David's rapper friend, Sabre Tyson, are a couple. Ffion and Sabre collaborate on an off-Broadway musical called "Broken Birds" with David, Lia, Sphinx and Dane. It addresses the issue of marginalized children in the age of technology, environmental and food chain contaminants.


Sabre Tyson: Twin Flame

David Pierson: Kindred

Lia Bailey Pierson: Kindred

Ulysses Fearn Tyson: Son

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