Gabriel de Redvers was the son of Ambrose de Ripariis. He was born in Colonial Bombay. Like his sister, Béa, Gabriel was psychically connected to his father, and suffered when his parents divorced and his father returned to England.

Gabriel was acutely sensitive, perceptive, scholarly, and loved to read books on every subject. He was a lover of the fine arts, and a beautiful singer and dancer.

Gabriel and Béa were to move to England the year after their father's departure from India, but World War I broke out and the reunion was delayed. Their father passed on immediately after the end of the war, thus, they were never physically reunited. He became a journalist but was never completely happy in his profession.

Gabriel's closest companions were his sister and Joanna Grayson. He planned to marry Joanna, but due to the twenty year age difference, Peter Grayson nixed their engagement, even though they were good friends.

Gabriel often appeared too sensitive for this world and struggled to overcome depression. Unbeknownst to him, he was under psychic attack for his role in the downfall of Tammabukku.

Gabriel died in Spain in 1967.