Gerald Pierson is the brash, outspoken, and occasionally crude patriarch of the Pierson family. He can sometimes appear heartless, but he is more sensitive than he lets on. At the beginning of "Serch Bythol" Gerald accepts the position of Professor of Biology and Director of the Doctorate program at the University of York.

Gerald is a no nonsense man who does not suffer fools lightly. He is an atheist and often clashes with his wife, Theresa, and son, David, about spiritual subjects.

The tremendous paranormal activity when they get to the farmhouse does not easily change Gerald's mind, and he makes excuses for just about everything. His abrasive nature is hardest on his younger son, Tom, who is in the throes of a difficult puberty. David has many issues with his father who has always been an advocate of medicating him, despite the side effects that happened in the past. Not believing in more than one life, he does not accept that David's episodes have karmic roots.

He loves Theresa even though he doesn't always understand her, referring to her as a complex creature. Gerald is wicked smart, has a fiery temper, a highly sexual nature, and a great sense of humor. He is a difficult father, but he genuinely loves his sons.

Gerald's mother died when he was a teenager and his cold, stern father would not allow him to properly grieve, calling it weakness. Gerald's father died on the day he graduated from college. As David and Tom learn about the grandfather they never knew, they understand why their father is the way he is.

When Gerald sees and hears Nathaniel Ley's spirit for himself, he finally acknowledges that something out of the ordinary is going on at the farmhouse. Gerald, in his way, apologizes to David and Tom for doubting them.

The end of Book One finds Gerald and Theresa beginning to mend their damaged marriage. While Gerald is still an atheist, he is more willing to listen. Regarding subjects of the spiritual nature, he now approaches them from a quantum physics perspective.


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