Grayson Hall was the home of the honorable Grayson family of Yorkshire for five centuries.

Built in the 1500s, Grayson Hall was the premier manor house in North Yorkshire until Aloysius Ley built its rival, Beak's End in 1759.

Readers first encounter Grayson Hall as a ghost in Chapter Four of Book One. It was the indomitable manor of the Grayson family, but when David, the reincarnation of Daniel Orlov, son of Susan Grayson, is led to the site of his former home by an uncanny magpie, he finds nothing there except for the lone, boarded up gardener's cottage. Through the spirit of Mildred Grayson, his grandmother as Daniel, David learns that Grayson Hall burnt down under mysterious circumstances in 1948.

Grayson Hall remains a theme throughout the quartet. The long-abandoned gardener's cottage, somehow spared by the flames, is reborn by David's mother Theresa, once Susan Grayson.