Julian Graham is originally from Barbados but lived in Toronto since he was eight years old. He is the best friend of David Pierson. David and Julian form their band Oblivion in their early teens. They are a natural songwriting team, but after David moves to England the band is put on hold. Julian comes to England to stay with David and the Piersons, whom he considers his second family. Later that year, Oblivion is reformed and starts to ascend to the top of the music business. David and Julian were originally both Oblivion's frontmen, but Julian says that David is now the sole frontman, as he only wants to concentrate on his guitar playing and songwriting.

Julian is someone who never minces words. He acts on instinct and never thinks twice. He is a loyal friend, who is warm and kind, yet tough in his brutal honesty.

David calls Julian "his twin brother from another mother" which is apropos, as David and Julian were blood brothers in ancient Roman Britain.


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