Kirsten Carruthers is the second mother of Lia, and the wife of Athena Bailey. She is a calm, compassionate, old soul. Although not as powerful in the occult as Athena or Lia, she holds her own.

Kirsten loves the fine arts and is President of the Classic Film Society of New York. Unlike Athena, who was bisexual before they met, Kirsten has always been gay.

Kirsten is the reincarnation of Clara Harkins, the great love of Rose Gibbons, Athena's previous incarnation.

She comes from an old New England family whom she is close to, but has a somewhat difficult relationship with her opinionated mother, not because Kirsten is gay, but because of the temperament of Irene Carruthers.

Kirsten is very close to her son-in-law, David, whom she adored when he was Daniel Orlov.


Athena Bailey: Wife/Twin Flame

Lia Bailey: Daughter, Soulmate

David Pierson: Son-in-law, Soulmate

Irene Carruthers: Mother

Matthew Carruthers: Father

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