Lamagir is introduced to readers in the first chapter of Book One in his dragon form. He and his cronies mercilessly assail David in his nightmares for crimes that David does not understand. As the quartet progresses, readers learn that most of the main characters are also besieged by Lamagir.

Lamagir arrived on Earth millennia ago. His tribe was the Tuatha de Danann. After a long period of peace, the tribe was changing rapidly. Battles with their enemies left many members of his tribe dead, and many others were forced to leave the Earthly dimension. Lamagir's bitterness and rage at how the planet was going backwards culminated in an alliance with Draconian Reptilians. The purpose of the alliance was to accelerate the planet's progress.

Angharat did not want any part of this alliance and would not follow Lamagir. When all her efforts to stop him were for naught, they painfully parted ways. His allegiance to Angharat was not easily broken. She was his twin flame and he wanted no other. But when Angharat refused to join the new agenda for transforming Earth, he felt she abandoned him and turned against her.

His first born twin sons, his pride and joy, followed their mother, along with many other members of his clan. Although they passionately disagreed with Lamagir about any alliance with the Reptilians, they were heartbroken. Lamagir felt betrayed by those members of his clan and his monstrous side was awakened.

He found a new consort in a power hungry and blood thirsty Draconian Reptilian named Beletum, who had abandoned her former mate for his seeming weakness.

Wanting to reconcile with his reborn children and clan members, shorty before the time of King Arthur, Lamagir created Tammabukku. He was in human form for much of this time, and his initial persona was intentionally Christlike. Lamagir wanted an Earthly Kingdom of his own, and to reunite his dispersed clan.

Gradually, as his Reptilian agenda began to show, the Tammabukku initiates, including many members of his original clan, once more abandoned him, bringing down Tammabukku. This time his rage was even greater.

For millennia, Lamagir does not change his opinion about this planet and persists with the Reptilian alliance.

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