Malachi Cummings was one of the most known Occultists of the Victorian era. He had a notoriously huge ego and was known to be bombastic and extremely difficult. Malachi was thrown out of the Golden Dawn and other organizations of the time because his ego couldn't coexist with his peers. His archenemy was Ambrose de Ripariis, with whom he had a long karmic history.

Malachi remained bitter until his last day that Nathaniel Ley became best friends and partners with Ambrose, as he wanted Nathaniel for himself.

Malachi garnered much fame in his lifetime through his alliance with the Draconian reptilians, Haerviu and Elestren, and his cult continues in modern day.

He was a drug-addicted alcoholic pedophile. Early in his life he married and had two children, but his wife left him when she found out his true nature.

Malachi was the Victorian era incarnation of Anfri.