Oelom is by far the most complex of the Reptilians. He is quite powerful, but he remains somewhat enigmatic even to his own kind.

He incarnated in the time of the Tuatha de Danann as a man named Glonn in order to influence Lamagir and others to join forces with the Reptilians. In that lifetime, however, he fell deeply in love with the fair goddess, Fótla and for an interim abandoned the Reptilian agenda.

After Fótla's death, he returned to his old path. Once he did, he worked mostly by himself, being known as "The Realizer" as he had the power to get things done. Oelom is different from Elestren and Haerviu in that he has deep emotions. The enormous power he holds offers him little comfort. When his name is mentioned in the final chapter of Book Two, "Inner Magnets" his driving force has shifted from power to his love for Fótla and longing to be reunited with her. He empathizes with Angharat and again, shifts his allegiance to the side of light, this time for good.