Rekaya Gabsy is the Author Two of THE TAMMABUKKU CHRONICLES.

Rekaya grew up in Manhattan. She is 18 in Earth years, but her spirit is ancient. Homeschooled her entire life, the city of New York has been her classroom. From the time she was a toddler, Rekaya realized that her imagination was her best teacher. She has been engaging in creative plays with her sister, Sara, a writer, songwriter and artist, all her life. Rekaya's storytelling ability isn’t new to this life. As Rekaya, she reawakened her gift with the written word by working with her mother, writing short stories, blogging, taking writing workshops, and writing songs with Sara. Rekaya has started working on a solo project entitled LAVERCOLITCA, a story that shares many of the same themes as "The Tammabukku Chronicles".

Like her mother, Rekaya is an optimist, forgiving, and very sensitive. Although not as strong as her mother in areas such as standing up for herself, Rekaya holds her own.


Fairy in Our Lot (unpublished short story)
The Tammabukku Chronicles (Deborah Kaya)
Visions Through the Darkness
Timestuck (TV show)
Back in Time
A Former Gentleman's Shell
Untitled Autobiography (Deborah Kaya)