Rose Gibbons was the buoyant older cousin of Cecilia, Adam, and Miles Ley. She was not only Cecilia's cousin, but her dearest friend and closest confidante.

Rose was the only daughter in the conservative Gibbons family. Many appropriate suitors stated their interest in her, but she was indifferent. At the age of fifteen she met fragile yet strong Clara Harkins and felt an unmistakable magnetic pull. Rose's love for Clara and her determination to be with her, left Rose feeling that if she followed her heart, she would cause her family inestimable pain.

When Rose confided her situation to Cecilia, and that her parents have stated that she will be married with or without her consent, Cecilia was not only sympathetic, she promised her cousin that she would do whatever was necessary to help her. Thus, Cecilia and Daniel, with the help of Susan, not only boost her on the psychic level, they arrange for Rose and Clara to spend time alone together.

Since Rose's family did not believe in women attending University, out of his own trust fund, Daniel financed Rose's higher education so she could be independent and not subject to the dictates of her parents. By the climax of Book One, Rose and Clara were living together as a couple.

Although destroyed about Cecilia's death herself, Rose, along with Clara, was determined to get Daniel to be himself again, and began channeling Cecilia's spirit. When Daniel said he couldn't take these sessions anymore, Rose was crushed, having been sure this would save him.

When readers last hear of Rose in Book One, she had given Daniel an Egyptian scarab pendant which he wore to his last day. He was buried wearing the scarab around his neck.