Serch Bythol

SERCH BYTHOL is the first volume of THE TAMMABUKKU CHRONICLES. It was published on February 15, 2017.


A WALK BETWEEN TWO WORLDS: EVERLASTING LOVE NEVER DIES. David Pierson is a gifted musician-songwriter and a brilliant student, but he is also 16 going on 30, thanks to the six-headed dragon entity he has fought in his recurring nightmares since early childhood, always leaving him with a sense of a dreadful yet unknown guilt that haunts him. When he moves to Yorkshire England with his family, the nightmare becomes reality--the farmhouse they move into has a real ghost, a ghost with a name--Nathaniel Ley. Nathaniel is in love with David's mother, but David himself appears to be the source of the tormented spirit's anguish. In time, David will discover why he holds the key to releasing Nathaniel from his ghostly existence and understand his own guilt, but it will be no easy journey. David learns to travel between the worlds thanks to Nathaniel's daughter, the beautiful, ephemeral Cecilia, who takes him back to a time when the grand 18th century mansion next door was splendid and full of life, and she helps him to remember the past. Once more, they share undying passion as they relive their vow of everlasting love, which started long before they lived as Daniel and Cecilia. Two haunted houses and two ghosts, but one of them is not a ghost at all.