Sphinx Insley is Lia's best friend. They have known each other since childhood, both growing up as homeschooled Manhattan children.

Sphinx is good-natured, witty, and goes out of his way to help others. He works with Lia at Athena's witchcraft and occult store, Abraxas.

Sphinx is gay. He is a player by nature but fell for his polar opposite, Dane Bouchard, in 2014, and the two live together in an East Village studio with three cats.

Sphinx is strong-willed and follows his inner leading from moment to moment. At times, he can be unintentionally demanding, but he always admits when he's wrong.

He and Dane are close members of the spirit family, and are very close to David and Lia.


Dane Bouchard: Boyfriend

Lia Bailey: Best friend

David Pierson: Close friend

Athena Bailey: Close friend

Kirsten Carruthers: Close friend

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