The Farmhouse, as it is referred to in the quartet, had a tragic beginning. Building the farmhouse on Beak's End property was Nathaniel Ley's desperate attempt to win back his estranged wife and sons following his daughter Cecilia's tragic death. Nathaniel's broken mind and spirit believed that a new house would bring a new beginning, but Anne Ley had no intention of returning to Nathaniel, or letting the boys anywhere near him. When this reality finally sunk in, Nathaniel hung himself from a rowan tree in the back of the farmhouse.

In the centuries following Nathaniel's suicide, the farmhouse had many occupants, all of which his spirit ferociously drove out. The farmhouse and manor house next door were known to be the most haunted property in North Yorkshire and Beak's End became infamous.

With the arrival of David Pierson and his mother, Theresa, the former Daniel Orlov and Susan Grayson, Nathaniel confronted the karma he had been running away from for a century, and the farmhouse became the family home it was originally intended to be.

In Book Three, "Living Timekeepers", the farmhouse is passed on to Mitchell Mathers and his wife, Naiyana. As Mitchell is the reincarnation of Nathaniel's son Adam Ley, the farmhouse at last had one of the occupants for which it was originally built.