Thomas Pierson is the younger of Gerald Pierson's and Theresa Niles' two sons. When "Serch Bythol" begins, Tom is going through a hellacious puberty. After being told by his father in a matter-of-fact manner that the family will be moving to England in a few months, Tom does not take it well.

Tom is emotional, sensitive, and girl crazy, but he also has a great sense of humor and enjoys practical jokes and pranks. While he is highly intelligent, his grades in school do not reflect it.

Tom is a source of love and support for his older brother, David, through his episodes and nightmares, and David is very protective of Tom.

When David begins interacting with what he believes is Cecilia Ley's ghost, Tom becomes concerned. His concern escalates to fear when David declares himself to be in love with her. Tom interferes out of this fear leading to a major confrontation between the brothers.

The first months the family is in England, Tom is miserable. Nathaniel's ghost is making his life and David's unbearable. To make matters worse, his father is in denial and his mother seems oblivious and secludes herself in her painting studio where she is clearly interacting with Nathaniel.

After Nathaniel appears to Gerald, Gerald apologizes to Tom for the first time ever. This is a turning point for the bad relationship between Tom and his father, as Gerald had told him in so many words that the paranormal activity was all in his mind. The apology means a lot to Tom.

Tom reluctantly accepts David's relationship with Cecilia after she helps to save David's life and he espies her from a distance.

Tom calms down considerably when Nathaniel's spirit is at peace. He has his mother back and now understands that she did what she did to save Nathaniel's soul.


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