Vasily Orlov was the father of Daniel Orlov and the husband of Susan Grayson. He is the previous incarnation of Gerald Pierson.

The Orlov family was among the most aristocratic families of St. Petersburg before the Revolution, and Vasily owned vast amounts of land.

Vasily met Susan Grayson in Paris when she was on the rebound from Nathaniel Ley and he fell deeply in love. They married less than a year later in St. Petersburg.

The union produced one child, Daniel. Although Vasily and Susan cared deeply for one another, their marriage was strained by long absences, Susan's longing for her Yorkshire home, and her undying love for Nathaniel Ley.

Daniel's breakdown after Cecilia's tragic death caused a bitter disagreement between Vasily and Susan and eventually led to divorce.

Vasily is killed by the Bolsheviks in 1918.