Vericus Gemellus was the ancient Roman incarnation of David

Vericus was the first born son of one of the wealthiest families in Roman Britain. His father, Cassius, was a cold and cruel man, and no one saw that side of him more than Vericus. Nothing he did could please his father and Cassius Gemellus never tried to hide his favoritism of his brother, Lucius. Vericus had two sisters as well, Cassia and Illythia, and was especially close to Cassia.

Until meeting Talaith, Celyddon and Delyth one day while out riding his horse in the county, his best friend had been his dog, Melanchaetes. He felt that he had found where he belonged, but was deeply hurt and puzzled by Fáelán's rejection of him, as he felt magnetically drawn to him.

Vericus declared the day he met Talaith that she would one day be his wife. Fáelán was livid and accused Vericus of putting dreams that could never come true in Talaith's head. Vericus was from the highest echelon of Roman society and Talaith was a rural Briton who lived in a roundhouse. Talaith's brother, Celyddon, took an instant liking to Vericus, even though he was anti-Roman. He argued that Vericus was sincere, further incensing Fáelán, who feared he was losing Celyddon to Vericus. Vericus meant every word he said, but he was soon taken away from his new friends, leaving behind a heartbroken Talaith.

After a horrible fight with his father, Vericus was sent to live with his aunt and uncle in Rome for four years. When he returned to Eboracum, he was not the same boy who had left, but he refused to speak about what happened to anyone, not even Talaith. Although he still felt the same way about her, he no longer believed that he could make her or anyone else happy, and thought he was destined for a solitary life.

He joined the Roman army, but soon became a rebel solider. Vericus gave his allegiance to no one, not even Rome. Until the last five years of his young life, he was unobtainable for all who loved him.

Lamagir found him the hardest initiate of all to influence. Much to Fáelán's dismay, Lamagir showed Vericus the same favoritism that he did him.

Vericus tried to get close to Fáelán once more at Tammabukku but Fáelán continued to push him away. It wasn't until he saved Fáelán from certain death that he let him in and recognized Vericus as his twin.

Vericus was nicknamed "the lone horseman on the hill" as he preferred to be alone with his horse much of the time.

In the end, Fáelán and Talaith had an impact on Vericus' soul that he could never walk away from.