Veronique formerly belonged to Cecilia. Nathaniel and Ambrose had Veronique crafted by a French sorceress named Didem. As they asked, Didem made Veronique to look like a mini Cecilia.

Veronique is anything but a mere doll. She has emotions, and her expression often changes to reflect her mood. Only Nathaniel and Ambrose knew the secret of Veronique's enchantment. They had planned to tell Cecilia that secret but the day never came.

Cecilia liked to put Veronique on the windowsill to look outside, and this continues when she reincarnates as Lia.

Before being reunited with her mistress, for over a century, Veronique had been inside an armoire in the basement of the Beak's End farmhouse.

When David finds Veronique in the armoire, she is ecstatic, and recognizes him as the reincarnation of Daniel.

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